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  1. Thread: Therme Manchester

    Post by: Lina
    The opening of Manchester Therme at the end of 2023 may bring a very strong contender for the number 1 position in Top 10 UK Waterparks listings. It is now being widely discussed by locals as one of the biggest and most sophisticated Therme Spa Resorts and a tremendous addition to the area.

    Therme Manchester, the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort, will combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellbeing treatments, art, nature and technology to create a unique experience never before seen in the UK.

  2. Thread: 11 Skies

    Post by: Lina
    New World Development unveils “11 SKIES” – the first destination to combine wellness and wealth management, together with retail, dining and entertainment in Hong Kong at the heart of GBA. Located directly adjacent to Hong Kong International Airport, it`s set to be a super-regional connector accessible by air, sea, and land via trains, cars and buses.
    11 SKIES can be described not only as an innovational project but also as a new development stage for the Greater Bay Area and a gateway to the rest of the world.

    Retail & Dining

    11 SKIES is a brand new landmark in Hong Kong for locals and tourists with a gross floor area of 3.8 million sq. ft., including 2.66 million sq. ft. dedicated to dining and retail outlets. There will be over 800 shops including more than 120 dining concepts.

    World-class Entertainment Zone

    Hong Kong’s biggest indoor entertainment centre for all ages. One such entertainment offering is KidZania, an immersive, fun and interactive role-play learning experience for children from age 1-14. The first place in Greater China and exclusive in GBA, where kids can independently explore a scaled indoor city with more than 50 exciting careers that they can try.

    11 SKIES will also be home to SkyTrack, the world’s longest indoor and outdoor karting track which is seamlessly woven throughout the complex. SkyTrack presents the most technologically sophisticated karting system in the region, with electric-powered karts and AR-enabled interactive control. Visitors of all ages will be able to experience the excitement of racing.

    More unique and imaginative entertainment facilities will be included: from flying theatre, digital multimedia performance, to educational immersive experience.

    Wellness & Wealth Management

    11 SKIES features three grade A office towers under K11 ATELIER to form a premium office network. Each serves a special purpose: one focuses on wealth management services, one focuses on wellness and medical services, and one is tailored to companies and organizations wishing to establish their GBA business centre at the heart of the region.

    K11 ATELIER is the creative workplace at the growth powerhouse of Greater China, that also serves as the international gateway to the Greater Bay Area, connecting a community of creative talent, entrepreneurs and disruptors to connect and collide productively.

    Location & Connectivity

    Strategically located right next to the Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link, 11 SKIES will benefit from the high volume of passengers who travel through Hong Kong International Airport, which recorded 71.5 million last year, and the 72 million people residing in the GBA. People can arrive at 11 SKIES several hours earlier before they board the plane to enjoy the wonderful retail entertainment.

    A strategically perfect location is going to bring a constant flow of people - both travelers and locals of all ages - with a positive impact not only on the economy but culture as well. Expanding business opportunities in key sectors will create more working places and strong potential for growth, making 11 SKIES a powerful engine of progress.
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