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  1. Thread: Al Marjan Island

    Post by: EbonyD
    World's highest rooftop beach to be built on RAK’s Al Marjan Island

    The UAE-based Major Developers on Tuesday announced the launch of Dh1-billion Manta Bay on Al Marjan Island in Ras Al-Khaimah, including the world’s first rooftop beach. Construction work on the project has already started and is scheduled to complete at the end of 2026.

    It will be the highest beach in the world with its own sand and seawater, the developer said.

    The residential freehold project will be built for Dh400 million, housing 450 units with prices starting from Dh1.2 million.

    “We believe that it is high time to invest in Ras al Khaimah because the emirate will see a massive inflow of tourists, especially after the opening of the Wynn Resort on the Marjan Island.”

  2. Thread: Japan Expo 2025

    Post by: EbonyD
    China National pavilion - renderings of the design proposals.

    The architectural design of the China Pavilion is inspired by the concept of "Chinese Scroll." Its exterior is shaped like a traditional Chinese scroll, incorporating three main elements: bamboo, Chinese characters, and scrolls. Through these elements, it showcases the spirit and essence of Chinese civilization, emphasizing the harmonious unity of nature and humanity. This design interprets the core concept of China's unwavering commitment to sustainable development in the new era.

    The façade of the building is adorned with inscriptions of poetry, depicting the poetic imagery of mountains and rivers on the elegant and gentle scrolls. This harmonizes seamlessly with the garden landscape of ink pools and bamboo shadows in front of the pavilion, providing visitors with a unique and immersive viewing experience.

    Bamboo is a representative element of Chinese civilization. Chinese people admire, cultivate, and love bamboo. Additionally, bamboo serves as a renewable ecological building material, reflecting the value orientation of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, as well as the development direction of contemporary architectural technology.

    Chinese characters are a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation and one of the oldest surviving writing systems in the world. Whether in poetry, prose, or calligraphy, they spread the rich information and unique charm of Chinese civilization to the world.

    Scrolls represent an inexhaustible treasure trove of ideas, symbolizing China's cultural soft power of "observing humanity to enlighten the world" and reflecting the deep and enduring cultural confidence of the Chinese nation.

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