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    This piece of concept art really caught my eye!

    The social media advantage and the shear jaw dropping idea of this is incredible! Although what I think I can see are people sun bathing or swimming above in this image, this is really strange can someone please help me out?

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    I noticed that in the concept art there are multiple play areas and water splash areas although I can’t see much Disney theming which is unusual. Also I can’t really see the island at its current state becoming what is proposed although Disney is very good at that area of development.

    Lastly lots of people don’t want Disney to build it so the current situation is unstable, I think it will happen along with the new Disney cruise ship!

    I really like the look of this! Two play areas can be seen in the concept art one looks abit like a geyser spring area which would be an amazing addition! Another looks like a totem pole large wooden sticks area although i can’t quite work it out? This will probably be a separate resort for long vacations!


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