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  1. Thread: 11 Skies

    Post by: isabella
    A short walk-through of the Atelier 11 SKIES building with captions noting facts about this new development.

    It's been announced that 11 SKIES will have 8 new attractions some of which have been mentioned below such as KidZania, but others include Timeless Flight, Arte Museum, and Paddington Play Experience.
  2. Thread: MGM Osaka

    Post by: isabella
    After the submission of a petition with 192,773 signatures, the request for a referendum was denied. Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura submitted the petition on 21 July. Osaka Ishin (Initiatives from Osaka) Party, the Komeito (Clean Government Party), and the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) were responsible for the rejection of the petition.

    "The area development plan stipulates the Osaka IR will open on the reclaimed Yumeshima in 2029." Annual economic ripple effects are a significant concern for citizens.
  3. Posts
    “The City of Dreams Mediterranean project has experienced delays due to some difficulties that we have encountered with our contractors. At this point in time, we expect to open in early second quarter 2023, subject to regulatory approvals. However, this remains a fluid situation and we continue to look at ways to expedite the progress.”

    Stated to include a 7,500-square meter casino with 100 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines

    here's an old video showing a peek of the inside from November 2021:
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